KRUR is artisanal game design & development by Stefano Cecere. mostly musical and learning games, kids apps and virtual reality experiences. possibly sharing knowledge and easing humanization. Mission

learning 2 play that funky spirit

  • human freedom
  • win-win solutions
  • happy musicals
  • kids learning
  • spiritual evolution
  • cosmic visions
  • non violent attitude
  • sharing knowledge

KRUR etymology

the word KRUR derives from a personal interpretation of sumeric and runic words that i found digging into ancient books

Stefano Cecere
Stefano Cecere
Play well, Die Happy! Ricercatore, Sviluppatore, Educatore, Attivista, Umanista, Papà.

Ricerco, Sviluppo e Condivido nell’intersezione tra Giochi, Educazione, Tecnologie Digitali, Creatività, Filosofia e attivismo per una Politica Progressista 2050. E papà 2x